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Why Are Humans So Drawn to Psychoactive Substances? Part Two

In part one of this blog we discussed at length how we’ve learned through decades of research that humankind’s fascination with mind-altering substances is nothing we contemporaries can take credit (or blame) for. It’s an ancient phenomenon that dates all the way back to prehistoric times. As Solomon famously concluded, “there is nothing new under the sun.”
So why is this behavior so prevalent? Why is the attraction so powerful? 
We’ll get to that question, but in a moment...
First, let’s consider why it matters. Why ask why?  Because the reasons we have for using any of the natural resources God’s placed at our disposal are important. There are both healthy and unhealthy reasons and it’s important that we thoughtfully consider them. If a person is motivated to exercise as a means of keeping their body fit in order to live a full life, that can lead to very positive outcomes. However, if their motivation is an attempt to satisfy a negative and unrealistic body image, the very same activi…