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Health and Cannabis: What Would Jesus Do?

“Jesus Higher” by David Hayward   (This blog is the first in our series on Cannabis and the Church: Apologetics for Responsible Use . Jesus and jane is honored to welcome Rev. Karen Urquhart, Rector/Parish Priest of St. Christopher’s Anglican Church of West Vancouver, British Columbia as a guest blogger for this edition.) Last Sunday a long term member of my church in his 90s, who I’ll call “Jack,” came early to drop off a donation. He said he was going home and back to bed as his cancer had returned with vengeance and he was in so much pain. With tears in his eyes he said, “It’s really bad, and I’ve been tough up till now.” Today he told me that his GP said, “just take the opioids whenever you feel pain.” I know this pattern. I witness it far too often. When elderly people are in pain, the frequency of opioid administration accelerates and within a short time I am at their bedside as they breathe their last. The morphine appears to make their death less distressing and pai

Cannabis and the Church: Apologetics for Responsible Use

In considering questions surrounding cannabis use among Christians, it's important to understand prevailing views on all sides of the issue. As we do, we must remain open to influence while also living consistently with own convictions and confronting misunderstandings and legalism as we encounter it. As an organization promoting positive awareness of the benefits of cannabis within the church, Jesus & jane takes this responsibility seriously. Our position is that responsible use of cannabis is biblically permissible for Christian adults for both medical and recreational purposes. The reasons for this conclusion are based both on tenants of holy scripture and on an understanding of what cannabis is and what it offers.  Over the next several weeks, Jesus & jane will be publishing a series of blogs on topics directly related to the reasons we have for arriving at these conclusions, for instance: Health (Physical and Mental) Justice Freedom Grace If you lo