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The “420s” of the Bible: Happy 4/20 Everyone!

In an earlier blog , the author cleverly closed by quoting Acts 4:20, “As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” Brilliant! We got thinking.... I wonder what things the Bible has to say at address 4:20??? Intense Bible study commenced! The result? While it may not qualify as great theology, it turns out there are actually some pretty interesting verses to be found at 4:20. Some are fun, some are heartwarming, some are silly, and some require a bit of a stretch, but hey... it’s 420! Let’s let our hair down a bit and enjoy a little break from the seriousness that life throws at us! We hope you enjoy these little shareable memes. If you think your friends might too, feel free to share them! This should be the “life verse” for every cannabis farmer!  Okay, maybe it didn’t exactly say it like this, but still doesn’t seem like a bad idea! So, go roll something up now, share it with the people with you, and sit down! What are YOU bur